AFS SNAP Uploader App

SNAP Analysis

  • Grower takes a picture of a fruit tree with a smartphone and shares it with AFS via “AFS SNAP Uploader App” (Select ‘Share image’ then AFS, instead of Google Drive or Mail, etc.) 
  • Grower receives an email reply from AFS with the analyzed image and a fruit count (Email reply takes less than a minute if the cultivar is already in AFS library)

Upgrade to: FruitScout™ BlockView

  • Includes all features of SNAP and operates the same way
  • AFS surveys the customer’s orchard to configure each block, setting up and training the orchard workers on a best practice scouting methodology
  • ‘Helper App’ walks users through scouting a block with a phone, ensuring the collection of complete high-quality data sets
  • The estimated time for scouting a 10-acre block is 30-45 minutes
  • After uploading block images to AFS, grower receives FruitScout™ BlockCount Report in worksheet format for that block, building a historical record

Questions about Automated Fruit Scouting?

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