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Automated fruit scouting


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FruitScout®Optical Scanning with a Smartphone

AFS's technology enables growers to scout individual trees, whole rows of trees, or entire blocks using smartphones.

Work that might take hours using conventional practices, can now be done in minutes, with significantly higher and verifiable accuracy. The resulting insight from more data helps growers better manage their entire operation.

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FruitScout® Report

Our innovative technology conforms to customer workflows.  Users can review and verify data as well as retain a visual record of growth.

The information can help growers act on timely information related to harvest yields, R&D experiments, ongoing orchard operations, and managing Precision Crop Load Management processes. (See our FruitScout® PCLM video on the Home page.)
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FruitScout® Fruit Recognition System

AFS’s proprietary computer vision technology can recognize buds, flowers, young fruit, and mature fruit, giving growers highly accurate information about orchard productivity throughout the year.
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no change to workflow

Use your own smartphone on your own time to take pictures and upload the images to AFS.  No added effort on your part to make sure your fruits are accurately counted and measured.  No capital investment or IT reconfiguration to get started.  

FruitScout® Reports are delivered in spreadsheet format or in a FruitScout® PCLM Dashboard Report.
Automated fruit scouting

Use Cases

Obtain verifiably accurate, season-long records of orchard data

early fruit counts

dard deteCtion

Flower counts

Harvestable fruit and size data

Maturing fruit counts and size data

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Obtain verifiably accurate, season-long records of orchard data

Tighten process controls related to crop load management

Flower counts

  • pre-thinning
  • post thinning

DARD counts (post pruning)

tree optimization

  • Fruit quantity & SIZING

FRUIT counts

  • pre-thinning
  • post thinning

Yield estimation

  • quantity & size distribution
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Tighten process controls for Precision Crop Load Management

Improve data accuracy for comprehensive business risk management

Research & Development

  • Precision data from automation  
  • Rapid feedback on experiments

Crop insurance

  • Premium optimization
  • Claims validation

Workforce planning

  • Scheduling & supply
  • Task definition & targets

Quality control

  • Early insight for market supply –
    demand balancing
  • Cultivar-specific information
  • Optimize product mix and pricing

Materials cost control

  • Trees and hardware
  • Chemicals & water consumption
  • Packaging configurations
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Improve data accuracy for comprehensive business risk management

Increase operational flexibility and process control

Access to AFS’s expanding solutions menu 

  • Counts to validate tree productivity by cultivar - available
  • FRUIT Growth rate monitoring – available
  • Color & ripeness - pending
  • Surface imperfections - pending
  • Threat detection (pests, diseases, nutrients) - pending

Process efficiency

  • Collect block-level data in minutes
  • Drive decisions with accurate data
  • Maintain control over data collection timing, frequency and quantity

Easy deployment & scale-up

  • Growers use own smartphones to collect data and upload to AFS
  • No need to schedule scouts with AFS
  • AFS FruitScout™️ reports via internet
  • No capital investment in equipment

Customized FruitScout™️ reports

  • Dashboard summaries & spreadsheet formats
  • Verifiable counts with links to tree images
  • Reviewable – a permanent record

Data management and retention

  • Trend identification and data integration
  • Long-term reference with season-long tree images
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Increase operational flexibility and process control

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